Frozen, Jr. - March 13 - March 15, 2020

Wilmette Jr High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Lars Arlandson head shot

    Lars Arlandson

    Booth Manager

    Lars is very excited to be the Booth Manager in the spring play Frozen Jr. Last year, Lars was the light tree controller in the show Beauty and the Beast Jr. Lars believes that working behind the scenes helps students understand more about teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. In his free time, Lars is a member of Kindness Connection and does rowing.

  • Sasha Zivin head shot

    Sasha Zivin

    Assistant Booth Manager/House Manager

    Sasha is a 7th grader at WJHS and is part of the crew. She helped build Oaken’s trading post and is the assistant booth manager and house manager. Sasha owns a dog named after Hagrid, the Harry Potter character and she plays the guitar.

  • Isaac Canel head shot

    Isaac Canel

    Light Board Operator/Usher

    Isaac is an 8th grader at WJHS. He has worked behind the scenes one time before! He is proud to be running the light board in the show, and if his fingers slips with the lights, just remember to “Let It Go”!

  • Cameron Crawford head shot

    Cameron Crawford

    Light Tree Operator/Usher

    Cameron is a 7th grader at WJHS and this is his first show. He will be the Light Tree Operator for Frozen Jr. In his free time he enjoys making video games and is good with technology. He hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Jacob Perkins head shot

    Jacob Perkins

    Light Tree Operator/Usher

    Jacob is a 7th grader and this is his first production. He has been interested in plays and tech crew since he was 7 years old. Jacob is pleased to be a Light Tree Operator for Frozen Jr. and he hopes you enjoy the show!

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