Frozen, Jr. - March 13 - March 15, 2020

Wilmette Jr High School


This year's production combined the unique and varied talents of over seventy students, staff and community members. The entire company of Frozen, Jr. would like to say a very special thank you to the following: 


  • The incredible WJHS PTO, for so actively supporting WJHS staff and students in all kinds of ways throughout the year. Your generous, trusting, and enthusiastic encouragement of this program and its growth, and your shared belief in the power of theater and performing arts to inspire our students, is at the core of our success. 


  • Mary Ann Esler at the District 39 MEC for all the attention she gives to the details of reserving the auditorium for our program!


  • Teachers Jenny Rosene, Amanda Utynek, Eric Senne, and Ethan Kohring for taking time to serve as our esteemed guest critics during our final rehearsals!


  • Melaine Angarone, Paige Lunde and Strother Purdy for stepping up to provide extra pairs of hands to saw, sew, paint, cut and wrangle! 


  • Patrick Sullivan for supporting all of the cast and crew members and helping them sparkle on and off stage.  



  • Our charming and incredible front office staff, Cindy SpornCindy Leick, and Sarah Espinosa, for their smiles and constant help with at least 1,000 details!


  • WJHS Custodians for keeping our auditorium clean and their patience with the mess we make while creating a play! 


  • Kelly Jackson, Eric Resis, Jeff Dees, our WJHS Administrators, for their support of our program and their firm commitment to making the arts an important and celebrated part of the WJHS school community!


  • To the Fabulous Families of all of our cast and crew members! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For carpooling, communicating, sending snacks, drying tears, quieting fears, encouraging, supporting, running lines, and all of the many volunteer tasks you'll surely step into after the printing of this program. Your outstanding support of this amazing group of kids has allowed them to spread their wings and soar!


  • Finally, to the 75 Company Members of this production, our most heartfelt thanks. Our rehearsals and crew meetings were not only lively and entertaining, but creative, collaborative and productive. We have so enjoyed watching you grow as leaders and confident individuals. Your collective willingness to experiment and innovate, try and fail, and step or even leap well beyond your comfort zone has brought you to this moment! We are immensely proud of you all. Knock it out of the park for these final performances! - Miss Andreoli, Ms. Barthelmess, Mrs. Clark, Ms. Espinoza, Mrs. Kurensky, Mr. Haynsworth, & Ms. Ryan!

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