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Getting Started FAQs

  • Who can use PLAYBILLder?

    This site is for creating Playbill programs to accompany school or amateur live performances with 8 or fewer performances as well as private events like weddings where no admission is charged.  Any usage in conjunction with for-profit ventures, including - but not limited to - advertising, professional live performances, fundraisers, benefits, business brochures and events - must first be approved by Playbill. Productions based in New York City may be subject to additional restrictions; please use the link below to apply for approval to use this site. Content created on this site in service of New York City, non-school or non-amateur ventures without prior approval are subject to immediate deletion by Playbill Online.

    To apply to use this site if you are not producing a school or amateur live performance with 8 or fewer performances, or your production is based in New York City, or if you are unsure if you can use this site for your production, please describe your organization and production using this form and Playbill Online will review your application promptly.


  • How much does it cost?

    Setting up and sharing your Playbill using PLAYBILLder is free of charge. But in order to print your Playbill, there will be $60 trademark licensing fee (new price as of May 27, 2014) to generate a PDF.

  • What does being a Producer mean?

    The Producer of a production is the person who is in charge of administrative decisions for the show. Usually this is the person who arranged for the rights to perform the show. 


  • Why do I need a mentor?

    Since you are creating a Playbill representing your organization's production, a mentor is needed to sign off on your creation. The mentor can choose his or her level involvement as the Playbill is being set up, from minimal to page-by-page oversight.

  • What is the difference between an Official and Personal Playbill?

    If the Playbill you are creating will be the designated program for your production, select Official Playbill.  Choosing this option will require a representative from the producing organization (a drama teacher or official at a school, for example) to give approval to you building the Playbill; that person may also choose to sign off on every section of the Playbill before it is made available to the public.  A Personal Playbill can be built without the user requiring any oversight or permissions from another individual.

  • What is required if there are minors in the production?

    When you are entering the production details for your Playbill, you will be required to confirm that you have obtained the necessary waivers for any photos or personal information posted to the document.

  • What is needed to create a Playbill?

    All you need to start creating your Playbill is the basic information about your show. As long as you know the name, date and location of the production you have everything you need to get started. 

  • Can I add a non-YouTube video?

    Unfortunately, at this time, you can only post YouTube videos.

  • Do I need to use all of the sections of the Playbill?

    No - only the Cover section is mandatory.  You can use all, some, or none of the other sections (Billing page, Cast, Who's Who, etc.)

  • The Back Page section is for images. What if I want text on the back page of my Playbill?

    You can just skip the Back Page section and use the End Notes section to compose your back page.

  • Can I make my Playbill public by clicking a single button?

    No. You will build your Playbill section by section, starting with the Cover section.  After you have finished editing a section, saved your work and are in Preview mode, you have the option of making the section public.  Because it can take a lot of time creating a Playbill cover-to-cover, we thought our users would prefer to make public each section as they are completed.  We provide sharing tools so you can let friends, family and fellow cast members know each time a new section is completed and made public.

  • What are the recommended image dimensions?

    This website doesn't require you know image dimensions or pre-crop your images but in case you want to know the minimum recommended sizes, here they are:


    Low Resolution (Online Viewing Only) Image Dimensions 




    Width:  145 pixels     (2.014 inches)

    Height: 185 pixels     (2.569 inches)



    Width:  530 pixels     (7.361 inches)

    Height: 702 pixels     (9.75 inches)



    134x134 pixels         (1.861 x 1.861 inches)




    Width:  530 pixels     (7.361 inches)

    Height: 794 pixels     (11.028 inches)


    1/2 SIZE PHOTO/AD: 

    Width:  530 pixels     (7.361 inches)

    Height: 387 pixels     (5.375 inches)


    1/4 SIZE PHOTO/AD: 

    Width:  255 pixels     (3.542 inches)

    Height: 387 pixels     (5.375 inches)



    Width:  252 pixels     (3.5 inches) 

    Height: 143 pixels     (1.99 inches)



    Width:  530 pixels     (7.361 inches)

    Height: 880 pixels     (12.222 inches)


    High Resolution (Online Viewing Only) Image Dimensions 


    Please note, all images should be in 300 DPI (dots per inch).



    Width:  580 pixels     (1.933 inches, 300 dpi)

    Height: 740 pixels     (2.467 inches, 300 dpi)



    Width:  2120 pixels    (7.067 inches, 300 dpi)

    Height: 2808  pixels   (9.36 inches, 300 dpi)



    536 x 536 pixels        (1.787 x 1.787 inches, 300 dpi) 



    Width:  2120 pixels    (7.067 inches, 300 dpi) 

    Height: 3176 pixels    (10.587 inches, 300 dpi)


    1/2 SIZE PHOTO/AD:

    Width:  2120 pixels    (7.067 inches, 300 dpi)

    Height: 1548 pixels    (5.16 inches, 300 dpi)


    1/4 SIZE PHOTO/AD:

    Width:   1020 pixels   (3.4 inches, 300 dpi)

    Height:  1548 pixels   (5.16 inches, 300 dpi)



    Width:   1049 pixels   (3.497 inches, 300 dpi)

    Height:  598 pixels     (1.993 inches, 300 dpi)



    Width:   2120 pixels   (7.067 inches,  300 dpi)

    Height:  3520 pixels   (11.733 inches, 300 dpi)

  • What does Archiving a Playbill mean?

    Archiving a Playbill removes it from searches on our site and if it's displayed as a link on the home page, removes it from display there.

  • In the “Cast” section, how can I have multiple actors sharing the same role (ex. Performing on alternate dates)?

    If you have multiple actors playing the same role,  you can enter the full name of the one actor in the First Name field with a “/” at the end and the full name of the other actor in the Last Name field.  For instance, you can put “John Smith/”  In the First Name Field and “Jack Murphy” in the Last Name field.   It will appear on your “Cast” page as:  Scarecrow............... John Smith / Jack Murphy.  Please note that doing so will prevent the “Who’s Who” section from displaying the cast names individually so we recommend you delete the individual “Who’s Who” entries and use the Add Optional Filler Content tool to enter Who’s Who entries. 

  • I’ve created my own Playbill using a different software application than PLAYBILLder. Can I pay the $60 licensing fee and still use the Playbill logo for my program?

    Playbill does not allow you to use the Playbill logo if you’re not using the PLAYBILLder site to create your program.

How To FAQs

  • Save time with Playbill Express

    You can save time entering and formatting the writer credits on the billing page and the song lists of your musicals by using our Playbill Express Production data

  • How do I turn off (hide) a page I've created but no longer want public?

    You can only turn off sections, not individual pages.  To turn off a section, deselect the "Yes. Make this page public" checkbox.  Another way to turn off a section is by editing the section and saving it (once you start editing a section, we require you to make the section public again.)

  • How do I fill up the bottom of a page that has a lot of blank space?

    In some sections that are text-based (Billing, Acknowledgements, End Notes), you can just enter any text content your audience might find of interest, like upcoming productions, special notices, etc.  For other sections (Songs, Who's Who, Photos, Video and Ads), we offer a tool to add additional text.  Click "+ Add Optional Filler Content" which opens a text editor for you to add additional notes.  See the combination of content (photos, video, songs, etc.) with the filler text by switching to Preview mode.

  • Why won’t the system upload my image?

    Please make sure any image that you add is in JPEG, GIF, or PNG format and is under 10 MB.  You cannot upload PDF, TXT, or word documents to the Cover, Who’s Who, Crew’s Who’s Who, Photos, Ads, or Back page sections.

  • How I can increase the 400 character limit in the bios section?

    In the “Who’s Who” section when add your bio, check the “Extend Bio” box.  That will increase the character count limit to 1,000.  However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to fit as many bios on one page.  The maximum number of bios you can fit on a page is 5.  If you exceed the 400 character count, less than 5 bios will fit on the page.

  • In my final PDF I've noticed there were a few blank pages (2 pages/sheet). Is there anyway I can fix that?

    Try and get your Playbill page numbers into multiples of 4 (4, 8, 12, 16 pages, etc).  You can add images to the "Photos" or "Ads" section that will be placed where there are blank pages.

  • Is there any way I can put ads in the inside/back covers?

    Right now our website doesn't have the infrastructure to allow you to place ads on the inside and back covers.

  • The required Rodgers & Hammerstein Ads are in PDF form on their website. How do I upload them into the Ads section?

    You can convert the PDFs to JPEG format by going here pdf2jpg.net/ We are working on allowing PDFs to be loaded into our system.  Please check our homepage for updates.


Printing Your Playbill

  • Can I print my Playbill?

    Printing your Playbill is a very simple process. When you have completed your Playbill, click the "Enable Print" button available on your Dashboard or just about any Preview or Edit page of your document.  There will be a $60 charge for the use of the Playbill Trademark (new price as of May 27, 2014).

  • Guidelines for determining the number of pages to print

    The standard Playbill size is approximately an 8.5" x 11" paper folded laterally into 4 pages, so if you plan on making a printout of your Playbill, aim to create document that is a multiple of 4 (eg. 8, 12, 16 or 20 pages).

  • How do I print the Playbill I've created?

    You will need to generate a PDF of your online Playbill.  Playbill charges a $60 trademark licensing fee (new price as of May 27, 2014).  You can then send the PDF to a commercial printer or a popular service bureau such as Kinkos or Staples.  

  • [Print Your Own] I want to print out my Playbill, and I’m willing to pay the $60 fee. How do I do that?

    When you’re ready to print, click the Make This Public button on your “Cover” Page first.  The Enable PDF button will appear toward the top right corner of the screen located below the yellow “Need Help?” button.  When you click the “Enable PDF” button, a screen will pop up that will allow you to pay the trademark licensing fee. 

  • [Print Your Own] I paid the $60 trademark licensing fee and generated my PDF. But I found that I made a mistake. Will I be charged again if I want to go back and edit my Playbill?

    There is no charge for going back and editing your Playbill.  You may edit it as often as you’d like and generate a PDF after each revision.

  • I have already paid the $60 fee and generated a PDF. I made an edit and tried to generate the new PDF but now I’m being asked to pay again. Why?

    If you are positive your credit card went through the first time and you are still being asked to pay again, please contact us at support@playbill.com.  Please include a copy of your receipt and the email address that you used to sign up for your account.

  • How much does the Playbill Print Service cost?

    The Playbill Print Service offers competitively priced printing of Playbill programs and posters.


    Here are our printing prices:


    Playbill Program and Poster Printing Prices

Playbill Print Service FAQs

  • Can I order less than 375 copies?

    Unfortunately, due to print setup requirements 375 copies is the minimum order.  If you wish to order fewer copies, you will still pay the same price.

  • Can I order more than 3,000 copies?

    Yes.  When you are directed to the “Playbill Print Service” page, click on the “>3000 Playbills or Special Order” link.  A screen will pop up that says “Special Order Details.”  Fill out the information and click “Submit.” 

  • What are the delivery options?

    Including printing and processing times: 

    Standard delivery (Ground): 8-10 days

    Expedited processing: 7 days
    Rush Processing: 6 days 

    All deliveries are made in afternoons.

    To be safe, we recommend that you place your order at least 7 days in advance.   These shipping times also apply for posters.  (NOTE: Some shipping options may not be available for all states.  There may be delays during holidays)

  • When do orders get processed?

    All orders are processed on weekdays, excluding holidays.  If you order on a weekend, your order will be processed the following Monday. Any order placed after 3:30pm will be processed the following day.

  • How much will my Playbill cost to print?

    The price is based on 1) How many pages are in your Playbill  2) The quantity of Playbills  3) Whether it’s in color or black & white (free cover color)  4) How fast you want it shipped.  If you have already paid the $60 licensing fee, a credit of $60 will applied to your print order.

    Playbill Program and Poster Prices

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Not currently.  Please keep checking the PLAYBILLder homepage for updates.

  • Is there any way to rearrange the sections in the PDF that gets sent to the (Playbill’s) printer?

    Currently, the website doesn’t have the infrastructure to rearrange the PDF pages that we will print.  We’re working on fixing that.  Keep checking the PLAYBILLder website for updates.

  • Is there any way I can put ads on the inside covers?

    No.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • How do I avoid having blank pages in my Playbill?

    Make sure your Playbill page count is in a multiple of 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.) If your final Playbill page count is an odd number (ie. 17 pages) or not in a multiple of 4, you’ll have blank pages inserted at the back of your Playbill beginning with the back inside cover.  You can use either the “Ads” or “Photos” sections to add images until your page count gets to a multiple of 4 to avoid blank pages.

  • Is there any way to cancel my order?

    Once you’ve placed your order, you have several minutes to cancel before it’s processed.  Send an email to cancel@playbill.com with your Name, Title of your show, order number, and email address you used to create your Playbill.