The Hundred Dresses - February 19 - February 28, 2015

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Cast Members  
Wanda Petronski  
Ellie May Draisey  
Peggy Thomas  
Audrey Roush  
Maddie Reeves  
Ashley Macbeth  
Cecile Allen  
Sydney Hotchkiss  
Jack Beggles  
T.J. Whitehead  
Willy Bounce  
Jesse DeMeyer  
Miss Mason  
Hayley Rauzi  
Shelly Reeves  
Sara Curtin-Mosher  
Mr. Petronski  
Ken Walton  
Jacob Petronski  
Jimmy Sylvester  
Mr. Svenson  
Kevin Lageschulte  
Jimmy Sylvester, Ken Walton
Production / Creative  
Karen Roessler  
Director's Assistants  
Peggy Schoer, Lisa Naig
Stage Manager  
Peggy Schoer  
Student Stage Managers  
Chloe Whitehead, Mackenzie Moyer
Set Construction  
Kevin Lageschulte, Kraig Lageschulte, Kevin Holubar, Adam McDonnell, Ken Walton
Lighting Director  
Frank Roessler  
Lighting Assistants  
Chloe Whitehead, Ken Walton, Mackenzie Moyer, Merrill Wadle, Karen Roessler
Sound Director  
Paul Geilenfeldt  
Sound Assistant  
Chris DeMeyer
Sound Consultant  
Grant Gale  
Lynn Maas, Theresa Walton
Lisa Naig, Cast, Parents
House Manager/Ushers  
Peggy Schoer  
Stage Properties  
Rick Gooding, Peggy Schoer, Becky Mounsdon
Shannon Mitchell, Julie Kruse Brewer

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