The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe - November 17 - November 18, 2017

Meridian Drama Club


Cast Members  
Peter Pevensie  
Ian Carnahan  
Susan Pevensie  
Karena Ozier  
Edmund Pevensie  
Jacob Deetz  
Lucy Pevensie  
Hallie Gates  
The White Witch  
Sadie Scott  
Nick Shasteen  
Fenris Ulf  
Abbey Rutledge  
Jordan Goodmanstreet  
Mrs. Beaver  
Claire Palmer  
Mr. Beaver  
Trent Moma  
Sydney Moore  
Mr. Tumnus and Father Christmas  
Brian Reed  
Spencer Litteral  
The Elf and Aslan Follower  
Madeline Klinger  
White Stag  
Colin Heidemann  
Aslan Follower  
Marley Doering  
Aslan Follower  
Marisa Hill  
White Witch's Army  
Candi Duncan  
White Witch's Army  
Zoey Hayes  
White Witch's Army  
Katelyn Lowry  
White Witch's Army  
Ally Stout-Henry  
Wood Nymph  
Savannah Mendenhall  
Wood Nymph  
Crystal Sheumaker  
Wood Nymph  
Cole Noland  
Wood Nymph  
Austin Mendenhall  

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