Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka JR. - March 20 - March 22, 2014

St Mark School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Zeal Goolesby*

    Prop Mistress

    Zeal has never been in Drama Club, but she has been interested, not in performing, but in being behind the scenes. She would like to thank her parents, Tina and Tim Goolesby, for giving her confidence and making her outgoing. Zeal does know that one day she will be an actress in a school play, but for now she will be unseen, doing her part to make the play great!

  • Mallory Olivier*

    Prop Mistress

    Mallory will be leaving the Drama Club once and for all this year in "Willy Wonka Jr." Shout out to sidewalks for keeping her off the streets. Thanks to her supporters. Class of 2014 will go out with a bang.

  • Haidyn Wersten


    Haidyn is thrilled to be a part of the stage crew. This is her second year as a crew member. She thanks her family for their support.

  • Kara Queensberry

    Stage Lights

    Kara began her theatrical career as Apple Tree #2 in the St. Mark production of "The Wizard of Oz." She also played the roles of Rosa Parks and Thomas Jefferson in small, local classroom theaters. Kara decided to take her talents behind the curtain as a member of the stage lighting crew. She would like to thank her family for supporting her. Let your light shine on!

  • Katherine Ennis

    Stage Lights

    Katherine is excited for her first time behind the scenes of a school production. She would like to thank her parents, Mrs. Kuntaraf, and everyone who made the show possible.

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