Hairspray JR - October 13 - October 22, 2017

Vero Voce School of Performing Arts

 Who's Who 

  • Samantha Manthei head shot

    Samantha Manthei

    as Tracy Turnblad

    Good morning Baltimore! There’s a new girl in town and she has enough hairspray to put a hole in the ozone! Samantha is excited to play Tracy Turnblad in her all time favorite musical. Samantha has enjoyed performing in several Vero Voce productions, including Wizard of Oz, Legally Blonde, Annie, Mulan and the Christmas Schooner. She hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Ronni Gustin head shot

    Ronni Gustin

    as Corny Collins

    Ronni is a 7th grader at RMS. She has done multiple plays at Vero Voce and hopes to do many more. She loves acting, singing, dancing and playing on her phone. Ronni would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her. Hope you enjoy the show.

  • Timothy Gustin head shot

    Timothy Gustin

    as Edna Turnblad

    Timothy is glad to be in another show at Vero Voce!  Others include Annie, The Outsiders, Heathers, Christmas Schooner, Clue the Musical and crew for Columbinus. Timothy is looking forward to more shows at Vero Voce.

  • Molly Kinney head shot

    Molly Kinney

    as Penny Pingleton

    Molly is a seventh grader Thompson Middle School. She has been a part of  Annie, Legally Blonde and Wizard of Oz at Vero Voce. In her free time, Molly likes to draw, sing, dance and  play piano and percussion. Many thanks to Dennis, Dawn and Alyssa for helping her grow as a performer. Enjoy the show!

  • Ava Nunes head shot

    Ava Nunes

    as Velma Von Tussle

    Ava is 14 and an eighth grader at Wredling Middle School. She has been performing for a while, and has participated in shows such as St. Charles East’s The Sound of Music (Marta) and Mary Poppins (Mrs. Correy.) Ava has a wide variety of interests such as composing music. She would like to thank her peers and instructors for supporting her throughout the production, and hopes you enjoy the show.

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