Accommodation - June 15 - July 09, 2023

3Gems Productions



Our mother has a plaque in her kitchen that reads, "I became a teacher for the money and fame." Our grandmother was also a teacher for many decades and could very well have also had a similar plaque. What if that were true? What might a world look like where teachers were rock stars and treated as such? And why doesn't the current system reward that? 


From our first read of Greg's play, we felt his decades as an educator on every page. His story examines many of the themes we've heard echoed by the teachers in our lives over the years. The personal victories, frustrations, and uphill battles that come with devoting oneself to an oftentimes thankless, but no less noble, profession. 


The play examines a system pushed to the brink of sustainability. And too often, the people getting short-changed are the very people the system should serve. Students are deprived of quality individualized education. Teachers are expected to be superheroes, handling enormous classroom sizes, lack of resources, and very little support. 


This play poses questions without suggesting that there are easy answers. But we hope, after your time at Westwood Forest High, that you take these questions back out into the world and engage in a conversation.


We are our teachers. No matter if they taught high school English or Geometry, Drama or History, we are the products of every teacher that we have ever had. They inform our work every day. They informed our approach to the production. And each and every day, they inform the way we move through the world. 


So please, enjoy the show. But remember if you like it (and even if you don't), that it not only was directed by the two of us, but it was shaped by each of our teachers as well.


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