The Homecoming - March 21 - March 24, 2013

4 Life Entertainment LLC

 End Notes 

From the Director:


To all the cast and crew of "The Home Coming". I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your dedication to the production. With out you it would not have been possible. Here are my final notes:


Crystal- Thank you for your dedication. You have never missed a practice and have continued to strive for excellence. You dont need the stamp of approval you have already surpassed so many in your field I am positive you will succeed in all that you do.


James- You have always been the system of support to keep the show flowing smoothly. Not only are you a team a player you pride yourself on excellence and dedication which makes everyone want to do well. I thank you for stepping up and being more than we could hope for!


Kamal- Because you know just when to lighten the mood you bring us all a since of laughter. You have been an encoragement to cast mates and have been at all times a great support. I thank you for always being prepared, fair, and helpful.


Jeffrey- You have showed several times your ability to be timely and dedicated. I apreciate the sacrifice you have made to be apart of this production.


Da'Lia- Thank you for always jumping in and making things work just the way we need them. Your choreography is outstanding and should be displayed by dancers across the world. Be confident and go forth you will be glad you did.


Jenae- You have been dedicated from day one. I thank you for putting so much aside to take part in this production you are an inspiration to many.


Demetrius- Your hard work and sacrifice has helped to make the dance a success. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to this production.


Marcus- With out you as a scribe we dont have the canvas to paint and create. I thank you for creating a script that provides us the opportunity to produce, create, and be the artist that we are.


Jessica- For always jumping in and giving me a helping hand. For always checking in on me and keeping me level headed.


Ray (Dad)- You have always been a support system to my projects. By way of music, voice overs, lighting and audio. I want to thank you for always putting everything aside to jump in and help.


Nancy (Mom)- Because you have never given me a reason to quit you have always encouraged me to go forth and be great with my talent. I thank you for your continued support.


RaeNa- For being my support at all times. For doing with out question and giving all you can. I thank you for all that you do.


Sterlen- For always being a support system for me. For reminding me that I am an artist and should be creating always.


Sheila-For being the listening ear and voice of reason and reminding me to stay calm.


Nicole-For doing all that you do to support the production and spread the word.

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