Mamma Mia! - June 07 - June 24, 2018

ACT of Connecticut


Act One  
I Have A Dream (Prologue)  
Honey, Honey  
Sophie, Ali, Lisa
Money, Money, Money  
Donna, Company
Thank You For The Music  
Sam, Bill, Harry, Sophie
Mamma Mia  
Donna, Harry, Bill, Sam, Company
Rosie, Tanya, Donna
Dancing Queen  
Rosie, Tanya, Donna
Lay All Your Love On Me  
Sky, Sophie, Pepper, Eddie, Boys, Girls
Super Trouper  
Donna, Tanya, Rosie, Girls
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme  
Lisa, Ali, Sophie, Sam, Bill, Harry, Girls
The Name Of The Game  
Sophie, Bill
Voulez Vous  
Sky, Eddie, Pepper, Company
Act Two  
Under Attack  
Sophie, Nightmare Chorus
One of Us  
Sam, Donna
Does Your Mother Know?  
Tanya, Pepper, Harry, Rosie, Bill, Company
Knowing Me, Knowing You  
Our Last Summer  
Donna, Harry
Slipping Through My Fingers  
Sophie, Donna
The Winner Takes It All  
Take A Chance On Me  
Rosie, Bill
I Do, I Do, I Do  
Sam, Rosie, Tanya, Donna, Company
I Have A Dream  
Sophie, Company




Mamma Mia! will be performed with one fifteen-minute intermission.





The videotaping or other video or audio taping of this production is

strictly prohibited.


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