Shakespeare Interrupted - April 12 - April 14, 2024

ADM High School

 Who's Who 

  • Bianca Fuquey* head shot

    Bianca Fuquey*

    as Announcer

    Bianca is a senior, playing the Announcer. The Announcer is very energetic, loud, and extroverted. They add audience involvement to the show preparing the overall tone for the play. She has also been in many other ADM productions: Songs for a New World, Freaky Friday, Parker and the City Under the Sea, Secret Garden, Puffs, and Guys & Dolls. Her favorite role was being a part of the death buddy ensemble for Puffs because she had a lot of fun participating in it as well as the chasing scene. When it comes to books, she likes all things murder mystery or suspense.

  • Brian Sandblom head shot

    Brian Sandblom

    as Spencer

    Brian is a junior and plays the character Spencer. Spencer is your friendly neighborhood UberEats delivery guy, and also the protagonist of the play. Brian has been in one previous play with us, Guys & Dolls. Brian would like to add that he enjoys theater because of the people he has the privilege to work with, and would like to give a shout-out to his bros, Hunter and Hero. Brian's favorite book is The Rule of Three.

  • Riley Milburn* head shot

    Riley Milburn*

    as Romeo

    Riley is a junior, playing Romeo. Romeo has fallen madly in love with Juliet, and becomes very jealous because Spencer stole her heart. Riley continues to work hard and shine on stage, as he did in Freaking Friday, Laughing Stock, Secret Garden, Puffs, and Guys & Dolls. His favorite play production was Guys and Dolls because he got to do a solo song and Arvide Abernathy was a fun character to play. His favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

  • Rhyan Miller head shot

    Rhyan Miller

    as Juliet

    Rhyan is a sophomore this year, and this is her first performance as a cast member! She’s playing the dramatic and affectionate Juliet. Before this on-stage performance, she has also been a part of Puffs and Guys & Dolls as a member of our sound crew. She enjoys the connections she makes through theater, and her love for musicals makes her experience even more fun.

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