The Wizard of Oz (RSC 1987) - May 14 - May 17, 2015

ASH Theater Company

 ASH Theater Company 


Board of Directors

Anthony Hillanbrand, Sabrina Hillanbrand, Mike Karl & Elizabeth Hartman


 Costumes and Makeup

 Cheryl Colubriale, Emily Counts, Lisa Lawrence, Melissa Whalen

Kelly Wong - Costume Coordinator


 Sets and Design

Emily Durkin, Trish Hillanbrand, Sabrina Hillanbrand, Mike Karl, Michael Whalen 


Production Assistants 

 Marcus Henderson, Hillary Plover


 Venice Island Staff 

Bill Powell - Performing Arts Coordinator, Kevin Sommerville - Facility Supervisor 
Kelly Orenshaw - Lighting Director, Steve Hnosko - Assistant Recreation Leader
Thomas Sinnott, Ryan Rebel, Chris Swingle
 1 Rector Street, Philadelphia PA 19127

The photographing or sound recording of any performance, without the written permission of management, is strictly prohibited. Violators may be ejected from the theatre without refund. 
Following the performance, some actors may be available to sign autographs and sometimes even pose for photos. ASH Theater Company cannot guarantee that all performers will be available following a performance. Please ask an usher for directions to the stage door. 

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