Disney's Alice in Wonderland JR. - May 13 - May 15, 2016

ASH Theater Company



Board of Directors

Anthony Hillanbrand, Sabrina Hillanbrand, Mike Karl,

Elizabeth Hartman & Marcus Henderson 


 Costumes and Makeup

 Cheryl Colubriale, Emily Counts, Melissa Whalen

Kelly Wong - Costume Coordinator


 Sets and Design

David Clark, Emily Durkin, Shirl Gallagher, Elgie Hender,

Anthony Hillanbrand, Sabrina Hillanbrand, Mike Karl, Patty Plover



Special Thanks to:

Jazzmin Hillanbrand, Mark Urmson 


Tony Roni's of Roxborough | 215-483-3335

499 Domino Lane| Philadelphia, PA 19128


Rita's Italian Ice

5420 Ridge Avenue | 499 Domino Lane | 8945 Ridge Avenue.


Butrica Ployd & Associates 

1690 Sumneytown Pike - Suite 165

Lansdale, PA 19446


Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center Staff

Tom Dignam - District Program Manager

William Powell - Performing Arts Coordinator

Kevin Sommerville - Recreation Leader / Facility Manager

Kelly Orenshaw - Recreation Leader / Lighting Director

Brett Bessler - Recreation Leader / Production Assistant

Chris Swingle, Steve Hnosko, Ryan Rebel, Shevinah Johnson,

Lawrence Iaccio, Yamil Emedan, Miranda Thompson, Tom Green

1 Lock Street, Philadelphia PA 19127

WARNING: The photographing or sound recording of any performance, without the written permission of management, is strictly prohibited. Violators may be ejected from the theatre without refund. 
AUTOGRAPHS: Following the performance, some actors may be available to sign autographs and sometimes even pose for photos. ASH Theater Company cannot guarantee that all performers will be available following a performance. Please ask an usher for directions to the stage door. 

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