The Hunchback of Notre Dame - September 07 - September 16, 2017

AYT All Ages
AYT All Ages
Production of


Music by

Alan Menken

Lyrics by

Stephen Schwartz

Book by

Peter Parnell


Based ont eh Victor Hugo novel and songs from the Disney Film


 Music Director

Tracie Jones                    

Assistant Music Director

Carlie Meeker


 Assistant Music Director

Alexander Kantzos


Production Assistant

Karen Udall


Prop Master

Jennifer Shoemaker


Set Builder

Paul Wiederman


Assistant Lighting Director

Tiffany Smith


Soundboard Operator

Silvio Gillespie

Stage Manger

Darryl Cotecson


Set Designer

Dane Burk


Set Builder                

Dane Burk


Lightboard Operator            

Tiffany Smith


Spotlight Operator            

Jasmine Shoemaker   


    Costume Designer

    Stephanie Wright


    Lighting Designer

    Skye Bradsher


    Set Builder

    Josh Lindblom


    Sound Designer

     Josh Lindblom


         Spoltlight Operator

    Paige Yale

Choreographed by

Corrinne Mann


Assistant Choreographer

Katy Udall


Directed by

Dane Burk


Assistant Director

Josh Lindblom



Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). 
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.