Urinetown The Musical - June 10 - June 11, 2023

A Class Act NY™

 The Number Ones 

Sat, June 10 at 4 PM and Sun, June 11 at 7:30 PM  
Bobby Strong  
Celt Ward  
Hope Cladwell  
Mallory Cestone  
Caldwell B. Cladwell  
Frank Stephenson  
Penelope Pennywise  
Bekah Shea  
Officer Lockstock  
Sebastian Gates-Graceson  
Officer Barrel  
Lillian Palluzzi  
Little Sally  
Annaliese Brown  
Senator Fipp  
Gina Daskalopoulos  
Josephine "Old Ma" Strong and Dance Captain (u/s Soupy Sue)  
Lynnlee Ennis  
Joseph "Old Man" Strong  
Alexander Ramos Jr  
Ms. McQueen  
Olivia Goldman  
Little Becky Two-Shoes  
Jasmine Duffy  
Hot Blades Harriet (u/s Pennywise)  
Clara Pimenta  
Tiny Tom  
Emily Barnhardt  
Soupy Sue  
Siena Laudati  
Robby the Stockfish  
Grace Thiel  
Billy Boy Bill  
Hayden Del Valle  
Mrs. Millenium  
Raquel Karloff  
Dr. Billeaux  
Priscilla Gaspari  
Lily Weinberger  

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