The Wizard of Oz (RSC 1987) - January 24 - January 26, 2019

A&M Consolidated High School

 Who's Who 

  • Liam Abney head shot

    Liam Abney

    Liam Abney is a Junior in his 5th year in choir. This will be his second year working behind the scenes with the musical's crew. When asked for a comment his mother replied: “[He is] A man of few words and many talents.”

  • Eren Akleman head shot

    Eren Akleman

    Eren Akleman is a junior and this is her second year doing musical. This is her fifth year in choir and she has enjoyed every minute of it. In her free time, she loves learning French, learning calculus, drawing, singing, and ice skating. She thanks her family for supporting her through everything she does.

  • Hudson Allen head shot

    Hudson Allen

    Hudson is a sophomore who has participated in school choirs for 5 years. He enjoys playing guitar and leading worship at his church. He’s fascinated with Jimmy Hendrix and Veggie Tales. He is less like a professor and more like a wizard. He would like to thank Kat, Mrs. Ramos, his parents, Robert Downey Jr., the 80s, George Michael’s hair, and the man who created corn dogs.

  • Madeline Altendorf head shot

    Madeline Altendorf

    Madeline Altendorf is a senior and excited to participate in her first musical production. She has been a choir member for three years and now serves as the Secretary. She also participates in yearbook. In her spare time, you can find Madeline working at U-Paint-It, volunteering with Symphony Belles, attending her youth group and making late night Starbucks runs with her friends. Next year Madeline will study engineering at Texas A&M University. She would like to thank her loving family for their patience, humor, and support.

  • Anna Barrington head shot

    Anna Barrington

    Anna Barrington is a junior this year. This is her fifth year in Choir and her first as part of musical. In addition to singing she enjoys soccer, baking, art and spilling tea with her friends. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her with everything she does and driving her everywhere because she has yet to get her license. <3

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