Like, Like Like? - June 16 - July 01, 2017

A Theatre Near U




A Note From the Directors


A Theatre Near U is dedicated to producing new, original work for younger actors, musicians and technicians. We do this because — as we realized a handful of years back — the older, professional artists of the theatrical world typically spend a disproportionate amount of their working lives digging into material that has never been seen prior; that is to say, the majority of their careers are spent on original stuff. So why, we asked, should people have to wait until they turn pro? Why not afford a few fortunate kids the opportunity of creating and staging brand spanking new plays? Why not? So, yeah, that’s what we do.


In fact, whaddya know, this play you’re about to see is an original show, a new teenage farce. Of course they say (“they” being The Mormon Tabernacle Choir) that farce is the most difficult form of theatre to stage. Perhaps. Okay. Whatever. But maybe, on the other hand, maybe The MT Choir just doesn’t have enough seriously funny people in it to pull off a good farce. Did you ever consider that? Even if you hadn’t, we sincerely hope you will laugh tonight. Out loud. LOL. Please feel free to do so.


                                   -     Tony & Tanna







A Special Thanks to Cassara Brothers Clothiers in Los Altos for lending us the tuxedos and to Palo Alto High School Theatre, Del Mar High School Theatre, & Campbell Union School District for the lending of props & costumes. Thank you to all the parents for all of your support!






 A Theatre Near U Contributers


Thank you to all our wonderful Donors!


 Farinaz Attarzadeh & Kambiz Hooshmand, Sarah Billington, Elvira Contreras, Karen Dehart, Scott & Kelly Emo, Claire Geber, Stephen & Teresa Godfrey, Don & Julie Herr, Pamela Herr, Richard & Valerie Herr, Bryan & Juliet Hobbs, Allen & Marge Kienitz, Bob & Kathy Lindstrom, Kendra Peterson, Carola & Juan Santos, Mirjana Spasojevic, Jeff & Kristina Vetter, Weissman Family, Marguerite Wilbur 








Thank you to Trader Joes & Hobees for their food donations!

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