Arsenic and Old Lace - September 27 - September 30, 2016

Aberdeen Central High School

   Director's Note   

   Arsenic and Old Lace is such a classic comedy.  I fell in love with the show after appearing as Mortimer Brewster in the Aberdeen Community Theatre production several decades ago.   A bit of history (or useless facts): The original 1941 cast included Josephine Hull, Jean Adair (both of whom reprised the roles of the Brewster sisters in the movie) and horror legend Boris Karloff. We have a truly fine group of character actors in our cast and it has been a tremendous pleasure to have worked with them all. So, sit back and join us in 1940’s Brooklyn at the house of the Brewster sisters where everyone is just dying to try their Elderberry Wine! Enjoy the show and thanks for coming. 


                                                                        Roger A. McCafferty



Special Note:  We appologize to Student Director Deryn Lewis whose name was inadvertently ommited from the previous program. 



Historical Facts


  • Nelson A. Miles: Commander of the American forces that invaded and occupied Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War.
  • “Fighting” Bob Evans: Gruff captain commanding the U.S.S. Iowa at the Battle of Santiago;  commanded President Teddy
  • Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet”.
  • “Izzy” Cohen: Comic book character in the Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos (1940’s)
  • Judith Anderson: Appeared on the New York stage and later won an Oscar nomination for Rebecca.
  • George Washington Goethals: U.S. Major General and Engineer;Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal.
  • Boris Karloff: Actor whose menacing manner scared generations of film fans; best known as Frankenstein (1931).
  • U.S.S. Oregon: Battleship that steamed around South America to strengthen forces in the Atlantic as the Spanish-American  War approached; one of the battleships in the “Great White Fleet” commanded by Bob Evans.




Special Thanks to:  

                                     Kids Against Hunger 

                                     Aberdeen Community Theatre

                                     Carol Vetter and Melledy Rostad

                                     Kris, Lauren, Aiden,

                                     and Jackson McCafferty

                                     Deirdre Peck and Wayne Hansen

                                     Student Senate

                                     Tiffany Emery and Nic Poorman

                                     Natalie Lobacz and Sydney Kost

                                     Southern Shack Designs of Aberdeen.  


Arsenic and Old Lace

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