Disney's Beauty and the Beast - May 03 - May 05, 2018

Aberdeen Central High School


Crew Members  
Mr. Roger McCafferty  
Assistant Director  
Ms. Jessica Appl  
Costume Director  
Mrs. Carol Vetter  
Music Director  
Mrs. Susan Appl and Mr. Chris Jacobson
Mr. Kyle Aiden  
Technical Director  
Ms.Tiffany Straley  
Rehearsal Accompanist  
Ms. Melledy Rostad  
Light Design  
Briggs Tople (12)  
Sound Design  
Abe Wieland (10)  
Scenic Design  
Mr. Roger McCafferty and Ms. Tiffany Straley
Costume Assistant  
Madeline Orr (11)  
Student Directors  
Greta Maier (11), Meara Sharisky (10)  
Sound Board Operator  
Erica Schultz (9)  
Light Board Operator  
Greta Maier (11)  
Spot Light Operators  
Meara Sharisky (10), Emily Speer (9)  
Fly Rail Operators  
Kaylee Senger (9), Kiana Asleson (9)  
After School Tech Crew  
Erica Schutz (9), Alexis Martin (9), Kaylee Senger (9), Skylar Pike (9), Emily Speer (9), Kiana Asleson (9), Briggs Tople (12), Paige Haugen (12), Rawley Moore (9), Jacob Smilloff(12), Jacob Usselman (9), Kyle Ireland (12), Malee Olson (10), Claire Vetter (12), Tanner Pietz (11), and Abe Wieland (12)
Stagecraft Class Tech Crew  
Abdimalik Mohamed (12), Alexis Skinner (12), Alexis Wald (11), Cole Peterson (11), Delanie Glynn (10), Devin Eppard (10), Haiden Stoltenburg (10), Jasmine Locke (10), Jennah Mielke (12), Jacob Hilsendeger (11), Jordan Edwards (10), Josh Hellwig (10), Majesta Schaunaman (10) Nicholas Zephier (11), Nicole Kopetsky (10), Rhiannon Lunghi (12), Roanld Keats (11), Tailyn Bendewald (10), Taylor Jensen (10), (Trenton Schlosser (11), Tevin Fish (11), and Mrs. Brust


Special Thanks to...

Aberdeen Community Theatre; SBLT; CHS Custodial Staff; Mr. Jeremy Schutter, Mr. Gregg Magera, Mrs. Melledy Rostad, Mr. John Patzlaff, Mrs. Gretchen Sharp, Mr. Joseph Berns for volunteering to play in our orchestra;  QQP for Poster Printing; Dominos Pizza for the discount on Pizzas for the cast and crew at our annual Monday practice until done day;

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