The Curious Savage - October 07 - October 09, 2021

Aberdeen Central High School

 Who's Who 

  • Christine Crouch head shot

    Christine Crouch

    as Ethel P. Savage

    Christine has been involved in many productions at CHS.  She played Maggie Cutler in The Man Who Came to Dinner and Miss Scarlett in Clue:  The Musical.  She is also involved in Show Choir and Oral Interp.  This year Christine was elected CHS Homecoming Queen.  She hopes you enjoy the show and thanks you all for supporting the program.  

  • Drew Comstock head shot

    Drew Comstock

    as Hannibal

    Hannibal is a one-time statistician who, after being fired, taught himself the violin.  His favorite thing about his character is Hannibal used to be a statistician, and Drew hopes one day to be one too.  Drew has appeared in CHS's Newsies and The Music Man.  He was also involved in SBLT, YPT and ACT.  Drew hopes you enjoy the show.  

  • Sage Wilson head shot

    Sage Wilson

    as Fairy May

    Fairy Mae is a compulsive liar.  She also believes herself to be quite beautiful but in reality, she is quite plain.  Sage's favorite thing about Fairy is that Fairy has some qualities just like Sage when she was younger.  Sage made her debut on the CHS stage in last year's musical, The Music Man.  Sage hopes you enjoy all the different characters that inhabit this world

  • Daisy Williams head shot

    Daisy Williams

    as Florence

    This is Daisy's debut performance on the Thomas F. Kelly stage.  Daisy is also involved in Show Choir and marching band.  Florence is committed to The Cloisters after the loss of her son and continues to mother many of the residents.  Daisy has participated in YPT and Simmons Middle School plays.  Daisy's advice for the audience is to just let go and enjoy. 

  • Coen Vogel head shot

    Coen Vogel

    as Jeffrey

    Although Coen is a freshman, this is not his first high school play.  As an 8th grader, Coen appeared as Winthrop Paroo in last year's musical, The Music Man.  He describes Jeffrey as a patient at the Cloisters who believes he has a really bad physical scar.  He likes Jeffrey because he is very helpful.  Coen has also appeared in YPT show when he was younger.  

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