The Drowsy Chaperone - February 24 - February 25, 2017

Abingdon High School (Abingdon, VA)

 End Notes 

Director's Note:


What you are about to see is a musical about musicals.   When we see a musical it is hard for us to forget that we are in a theatre.  People don't just break into song and dance for no reason.   The Drowsy Chaperone goes one step further by constantly reminding us that what we are seeing isn't to be taken too seriously, but is to be enjoyed.   It is roughly based on musicals from almost a century ago.    The plot is thin.  The characters are familiar.   At times you may find yourself wondering where the show is going.  You may also find yourself being glad about all that as you smile and forget your troubles for a little while.  Rest assured it will all turn out well in the end.   After all, it is a musical.


Parents, I hope you are proud of your children.  They have been wonderful to work with and they are very talented. To everyone who has given of their time to support them, you have my sincere thanks.


We've had fun putting The Drowsy Chaperone together for you, and we are grateful to you for being here to support and enjoy the results.   After all, we couldn't have a performance without you.


Glenn Patterson

February 2017




Music Director's Note:


It is my sincere privilege to have worked with such committed and hard-working students for the 2017 production of the Drowsy Chaperone at Abingdon High School.


Theatre gives students the opportunity to express themselves and avenues of humanity in character choices and stimulates creativity.  With the pressure of original ideas in whatever career path they take after high school, imagination is most definitely pushed and is excellent preparation for this part of their future.  Through small successes, genuine confidence is built in learning limits as well as discovering potential.


Whether a student is part of cast or crew, these memories will last for a lifetime because teamwork is established, give and take is present, and an environment of thinking is in constant orbit.  Thank you for your presence at this performance and supporting the arts at Abingdon.


Alissa Michelle King

February 2017

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