Vanité - May 17 - May 28, 2023

Act 3 Scene 3 Line 92 Productions

 Who's Who 

  • John Aquino head shot

    John Aquino

    as Wade

    John Aquino is stepping back into the theatre world for the first time since post COVID. He figured if he's gonna come back it might as well be his way, there's definitely no vanity in that. John could post past credits but they're aren't really any to post so uhhh. . . I guess, I, I mean. . . JOHN could tell a joke. . . Wanna hear a joke. . .?

  • Kidanny Gonzalez head shot

    Kidanny Gonzalez

    as Eddie

    From Carolina, Puerto Rico, Kidanny "Kid" Gonzalez has always had a strong love, respect, and passion for theater and music. At a young age, he was performing in high school and local productions. During the pandemic, he developed an interest in music production and hasn't looked back since. And like his biggest inspiration, Lin-Manuel Miranda, he's looking to plant his legacy and make a lasting impact on the world of theater and music.

  • Katiana Gonzalez head shot

    Katiana Gonzalez

    as Stella

    Katiana is a recovering escape artist finding what works for her disability. Theater has always been a crucial disability aid in ensuring her safety. She's excited to return to the theater after an 8 year hiatus. Through Stella, Katiana can dive deeper into what being Stella really means.

  • Bella Bagnato head shot

    Bella Bagnato

    as Lily

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  • Amber Valois head shot

    Amber Valois

    as Casting Director

    She would like to thank her family and friends, of whom they have come to support this amazing show she has been able to be a part of. Previous Credits: 1 Acting Class. 1 5-minute one-act play. She apologizes in advance.

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