Hiroshima Nagasaki Peace Memorial 2019 - August 09

Actors Refuge Repertory Theatre

 Performers (in order of appearance) 

  • Solomon Murungu head shot

    Solomon Murungu

    as Mbira Player (for pre-ceremony music, interludes & "Lotus Sound~music of the world")

    Born in Makoni district in eastern Zimbabwe, Solomon has been an avid mbira player and Shona culture evangelist, and has represented his culture at schools and cultural festivals in North America. He established the first website dedicated to mbira music: Zambuko.com in 1994.

  • Sarah Infini Takagi head shot

    Sarah Infini Takagi

    as Singer/Pianist (for IMAGINE & Paper Lantern Ceremony of Peace)

    Sarah is a Spiritual Performing Artist and Creator who strives to express the widest range of human expression through piano, voice, movement, and theater.  An award winning classical pianist, she found solace and healing through the discovery of PLAY through Improvisation,  connected her to the greatest sense of life and joy, in all of her artistic channels, eventually bringing back improvisation in classical music.  She has been a guest speaker on classical improvisation at NEPTA, MTAC, Opus 119 Conservatory and this fall, she will be a lecturer on Beethoven, Jazz, and Improvisation at NEC College Piano Performance Seminar. As an emerging composer, she produces and directs shows that are grounded in innovative, left field programming, and invite audience to embrace the idea  of expression beyond labels and categories.  www.sarahinfinitakagi.com

  • Christina R. Chan head shot

    Christina R. Chan

    as Actress (in "My Parents and Nagasaki)

    Christina is an actor, playwright and director. She is a Co-Founding member of the Asian American Playwrights Collective (AAPC), based in Boston, MA, which received a 2019 LAB grant from The Boston Foundation. Christina was a Company One Theater2016 PlayLab Fellow. Her play "Stir Frying Mahjong" was a 2107 Eugene O'Neill Theater Conference semi-finalist. She has been featured and her work has been reviewed in Boston Globe, Boston Herald, World Journal, etc. Christina directed the first Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Memorial which took place in 2017 in Brookline, MA

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