Annie - December 07 - December 09, 2018

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 End Notes 

Notes from the Director



      “Annie” is one of the most beloved musicals of all times.  The message that resounds throughout this play is “Hope”: If you just stay positive, things will always get better.  When it seems the clouds of everyday life are weighing heavy, remember that there is always tomorrow, and the sun will come out, and things will be good again.  That’s what the little girls from the orphanage believe, and when one of them sets out into the big streets of New York, she relays that message every chance she gets.


     The story takes place in the year 1933, at Christmas time.  Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and his cabinet are striving to bring their country out of the depression.  A lot  of the nation is destitute as is evident in the Hooverville scene, but some of the very wealthy citizens, such as Oliver Warbucks, are still surviving quite nicely!


     As in all economic bad times, money is the primary focus.  However, the holiday spirit speaks through loud and clear as we see there is much more to life than money:  we must always have hope and remember what is really important.


     The entire production of this musical has been an exciting and fulfilling journey.  Our cast and crew is made up of talented individuals ranging in age from 8 to 80!  Our experience levels go from first-timers to rather seasoned veterans!  Everyone has pulled together to create an amazing show.  We know that you will sympathize with our homeless, identify with the struggles of our cabinet ministers, enjoy the antics of Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily, delight in in the goings-on in the mansion, and fall in love with our orphans! 


     Thank you to each and every one of you for coming to see our show!  We have had so much fun putting it together and we are thrilled that we can share it with you!



From all of us in “Annie”—Merry Christmas one and all!




Colleen Weimer

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