Chicago - High School Edition - January 17 - January 19, 2019

Akins High School Austin Independent School District

 Directors Notes and Thank Yous 

This process has been such a journey. Between gaining two new directors this semester and producing an entire show at the same time as Chicago, Akins Journey Theatre has gotten the chance to learn, grow, and overcome the many obstacles that come their way when producing a musical.


The three of us are so proud of the countless hours and energy our students have spent on Chicago. Any time a director set an expectation, these artists met and exceeded what we hoped for. Without their endurance and motivation this show would not be what it is today.


A thank you from the directors go out to our student choreographers: Jonathan Macedo, Abigail Segura, and Kacey Wasson. These three worked their tails off to create 80% of the show’s choreography and ensure that it looked phenomenal.


Another thank you goes out to the Akins Eagle Jazz Band. Through their hard work, strong directors, and absolute talent they have showed up and filled our auditorium with the music needed to perform this show.


The Diamond Dazzlers and their Directors: Ally Gates, Morgan Eddy, and Jordyn Marsh are also receiving a thank you for taking time out of their contest season to prepare three routines and being a part of this production.


Our Eagle Eye Newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief, Bethany Bissell, and Mr. David Doerr helped create our amazing newspaper props.


Miss Mary McKenna is receiving a huge thank you for spending afternoons with our cast members to learn their music and build up their vocal quality.


Thank uou to the Class of 2018 for their donation to our new sound system in the theater.


A special thank you to Deanna Sylvia, Kyle Francis, Spencer Swietek, and all of the parents and friends who provided food, labor and support during the rehearsal process.


And a HUGE final thank you for all of the continued support and attention our administration has provided. Tina Salazar, Manuel Garcia, Jennifer Dawson, and Tyson Williams, thank you all for all that you do. Without your support and belief in us Akins Journey Theatre would be miles behind where we are today

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