The Addams Family - February 08 - February 10, 2024

Alden High School

  Directors' Notes  

A note from our co-Directors, Mr. Ethan Schrodt and Ms. Kate Francis-Schrodt:


The Addams have always been one of our favorite kooky families (so much so that last Halloween we even dressed up as the infamous family with our two kiddos). It seemed like the perfect choice for our 2024 musical, and we’re so glad we chose it!


Beyond their love of darkness, grief and unspeakable sorrow, The Addams Family can teach us a lot. Although it takes them a while to learn, the Addams accept each other completely, whether you’re into torture and darkness, or sunshine and the color yellow. Acceptance is always something that is prominent in theater, and one of the most important lessons in so many beloved musicals as this one. We also learned the theme of overcoming in the face of adversity (not only from the story, but missing out on an entire week of rehearsals due to some good old fashioned Buffalo weather, as well).


We are so insanely proud of this group of kids who accepted these bizarre and weird characters so flawlessly, some of them bringing so much comedy to their roles we could often be seen crying actual tears of laughter. We could not be more happy with the casting. And our talented crew and tech kids brought the Addams Family household to life. Thank you, as well, to the many parents who assisted us throughout the rehearsal and show process.


We would not have gotten far without some of the incredible adults that made this production possible, however. As Theater Club Advisor, Colin Dabkowski was always on top of everything needed to keep the musical running smoothly, and was always there to offer a helping hand: even when it came to helping with the set or supervising students. We are thankful, as ever, to have had Bill Larrabee to lead the pit band in bringing the beautiful music to life. And we are still in awe over the many hours our wonderful costume director, Shelley Stoffell, has put into this production, making the costumes absolutely breathtaking, along with the assistance from Amy Froebel!


We are also so thankful for our amazing team of directors. We’re forever thankful for Chris Clark, our technical director, who dedicated his time to the set, technical aspects, and programs for the show. Julia Wallace, our vocal director, who worked tirelessly to turn our students into singers. Paige Rzepka, our choreography director, did a fantastic job in choreographing the many fun dances you will see tonight. It’s not often you are able to work so well with a group of adults, but this is truly one of those directorial dream teams.


As always, we are so proud of this production. And now, we officially ask you to join us in embracing the creepy and the kooky, mysterious and spooky. Because after all, when you’re an Addams (and tonight you’re all honorary members) you do what Addams do… or die.


Kate & Ethan

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