Mamma Mia! - November 16 - November 19, 2023

Alexandria Area High School

 From the Director 

Welcome to the beach in November! We are so delighted you have chosen to spend some time with our theatre students at Mamma Mia. When I chose this title, I was looking forward to having some laughs at rehearsal, listening to ABBA songs all fall, and celebrating the work, dedication, and talents of our students in a lighthearted story. Then I re-read the script.


"It's knowing who I am. I want to get married knowing who I am."


This line of Sophie's has been a guidepost for me, our students, and our production team as we have created our version of Mamma Mia. Sophie doesn't invite her "dads" to her wedding for fun or on a whim. She invites them because she is seeking more self-knowledge, which she imagines will inform her identity. Having worked with students for many years, I have come to realize how crucial it is for young people, in particular, to have a safe place to know and articulate who they are in the world.


Sophie has that. Her mom is strong and independent and in tune with herself and her daughter. Her fiance is helpful, challenging her thinking when she doesn't give herself enough credit. In the end (no spoilers!), Sophie realizes something about herself she hadn't known at the beginning of the musical and, thanks to the support of those she loves, makes a decision for her future based on her self-knowledge.


Lighthearted. Fun. Funny. Nostalgic. We hope to deliver on all these today. And, perhaps, Sophie's story can lead us all to wonder how we can best support and love our people as they figure out who they are.


Jessica Chipman

Fall 2023





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