Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida - March 16 - March 19, 2023

Alexandria Senior High School


Prologue: The Museum
Every Story Is A Love Story  
Scene I: A Slave Barge
Fortune Favors the Brave  
Radames, Soldiers
Scene II: Radames' Quarters
The Past Is Another Land  
Scene III: The Docks
Another Pyramid  
Zoser, Ministers
Scene IV: Hallway in the Pharoah's Palace
How I Know You  
Mereb, Aida
Scene V: The Baths
My Strongest Suit  
Amneris, Palace Women
Scene VI: The Pharoah's Private Banquet Room
Enchantment Passing Through  
Radames, Aida
Scene VII: Amneris' Dressing Room
My Strongest Suit (Reprise)  
Amneris, Aida
Scene VIII: The Nubian Slave Camp
The Dance of the Robe  
Aida, Nehebka, Nubians
Scene IX: The Nile's Edge
Not Me  
Radames, Mereb, Aida, Amneris
Scene X: Marketplace
Scene XI: Radames' Tent
Elaborate Lives  
Radames, Aida
Scene XII: The Nubian Slave Camp
The Gods Love Nubia  
Aida, Nehebka, Nubians

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