Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical - February 05 - February 06, 2021

Arab Musical Theatre


This is Our Song (Intro)/Last Summer/Brand New Day  
Camp Rockers
This is Me  
Mitchie, Shane
Start the Party  
Tess, Camp Rockers
You're My Favorite Song  
Shane, Mitchie
Luke, Star Campers
Can't Back Down  
Mitchie, Camp Rockers
Play My Music  
Shane, Nate, Jason, Camp Rockers
It's On  
Heart and Soul  
Shane, Nate, Jason, Camp Rockers
Introducing Me  
Nate, Dana
Wouldn't Change a Thing  
Mitchie, Shane
Tear It Down  
Luke, Tess, Dana, Star Campers
What We Came Here For  
Shane, Mitchie, Camp Rockers
This is Our Song  
Camp Rock Megamix (bows)  


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