Diana Penny - November 30 - December 03, 2023

Arlington High School

 In The Cast 

  • Reese Brannon head shot

    Reese Brannon

    as Cornley Drama Society Stage Crew

    Reese is a senior performing in her second play here at Arlington High School. She’s been in acting since freshman year. And after previously playing a raven and a bell in Shuddersome, she’s happy to be back. She’d like to thank her family and her friends for their support, and Mrs. Dean for coming in to do our fall show.

  • Caden Emerson head shot

    Caden Emerson

    as Trevor the Lighting/Sound Technician

    Caden is honored to be a part of The Play That Goes Wrong, as one of his final productions at AHS going into his senior year. You may recognize his other humorous roles from past productions, including Josh (Zombie Prom), Colonel Mustard (CLUE), and one of the Wickersham Brothers (Seussical). His role is more laid-back this time around, but he plans to shoot for a bigger spotlight if we have a spring production. He gives his thanks to his parents for encouraging his love for acting, Ms. Wieland for helping him through many of AHS’s productions, and especially Ms. Dean, for giving us a shot at a fall production.

  • Kensley Gray head shot

    Kensley Gray

    as Christine/Inspector Carter

    Kensley is excited to perform at the Mark E. Collins theatre as a junior this year. Past performances here include Mrs. Peacock in the Clue production, as well as the lead dancer/choreographer in Shuddersome: Tales of Poe—showcasing her intensive dance background. Huge shout out to Mr. Ashbee! Thanks to family and friends for continued support, cast and crew for building memories, Mrs. Dean and Principal Abraham for making this year's production even feasible, and God for making all things possible. Hope you enjoy the show!

  • Savannah Gray head shot

    Savannah Gray

    as Cornley Drama Society Stage Crew

    Junior, Savannah Gray, is thrilled to be back in an Arlington High School production. She has starred in Clue and Zombie Prom! This is her third year in theatre. She would like to thank Mrs. Dean for giving her this opportunity. She would like to thank her parents for being so supportive through the whole show. She wishes everyone in the cast and crew good luck!

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