Holiday in my Head - September 18

Asylum Theatre

 End Notes 


Here is a brief production history of the plays and a little bit about their inspiration.


I Can Tell Your Handbag is Fake 

Premiere: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Short+Sweet Malaysia - 2008
Inspiration: My wife can spot a fake handbag at 50 paces. This, combined with my desire to write a "Singaporean" play led to its creation. I quickly learned, however, that the play's message has an almost universal appeal for it has become one of most performed scripts.
Coulrophobia (The Fear of Clowns)
Premiere: North Park Playwright Festival, San Diego, CA - 2011
Inspiration: I wanted to write a play with clowns in it. I had seen Martin McDonaugh's film In Bruges, and it reminded me of Harold Pinter's The Dumbwaiter.  So, the three ideas coalesced in this piece. I extensively re-wrote it utilzing the comedic talents of Paul and Andy. It makes its Singapore premiere as part of this production.
Finger Food
Premiere: Valdosta Play Festival, Valdosta, GA - 2009
Inspiration: One Sunday afternoon my wife and I watched in amazement at someone eating a donut with a knife and fork. I jokingly wondered if they did to ensure the silverware would not be out of work and...voila! 
Holiday with Mr. K
Premiere: Actors Workout Theatre, North Hollywood, CA - 2012
Inspiration: I wondered if Santa Claus ever took a vacation and what exactly he would do if he met a non-believer.  The Actors Workout Studio asked if I had anything suitable for their Christmas benefit show and I fired this off to them.  It has undergone some changes since then and makes its Singapore premiere as part of this production.
Faith in the Super Bowl
Premiere: Future Tenant Play Festival, Pittsburgh, PA - 2009
Inspiriation: I was conducting a writing workshop and when asked where I got my inspiration, I quipped that I would look for it anywhere--even in a bowl of alphabet soup!  This play makes its Singapore premeire as part of this production.
The Naughty List
Premiere: World Premiere!
Inspiration:  I was intrigued by the morality play and I wanted to try my hand at writing a modern one but with a twist.  The problem with many morality plays is that they hit you over the head with the moral and end up being preachy.  I wanted to keep it light and fun while still getting its message accross.  I hope I've succeeded.
Holy Toast
Premiere: World Premiere!
Inspiration: In many ways, this ilttle play was a happy accident.  Months ago, I was going to put a different play in its place, but found it didn't really fit, so I quickly scribbled this one instead.   I wanted it to try and tie some of the plays together, as well as tailoring a play for Andew and Hui Xuan.
The Joy of Solitude
(based on Un Estila de Vida by Fernando Sorrentino)
Premiere: Short+Sweet Singapore - 2010
Inspiration: I love the absurd. I read Sorrentino's short story and wrote to him in my broken Spanish asking if I could adapt it.  Thankfully he agreed.  The biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to tell the story with only two actors.  Once I figured that out, all the pieces fell into place.   

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