Macbeth - November 11 - November 14, 2021

Atholton High

 End Notes 



Congrats Evan! So proud of you & sending good luck! Love, Mom & Dad


All of the best to our talented brother! Shine! Love, Emily & Kelly


We're proud of you, Keira, and so excited for your first AHS show!


Great job, Kevin! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Jack


Sydney, So proud of all of your hard work! We love you, The Robinsons


Congrats, Syd! We love you We always cher you on! The Walkers


Syd, our beautiful superstar! We love you, The Khan Family


Great job, Sydney girl! We love you, The Millers


Cheers to you, Syd! We are so proud of you "Lady!" The Colemans



Director's Note


It's so exciting to be back in the theater! Welcome to all of you!


The entire Atholton Theatre Department is grateful for the support of so many, not only parents of current students and their teachers (I'm looking at you, English Department!), but parents of former students as well! We have had expert assistance from community members who don't have students in the show (thanks, Don Lampasone!), so we must be doing something right!


Ever since I first read this play back in another century, I have always been drawn to it. The once noble Macbeth becomes corrupted in his ambition for power, and his story always seemed to me to be a profound cautionary tale about wanting something too much, even if that thing you wanted was a good thing.


The means matter, as well as the ends.


Which is why we have tried to be genuinely kind to each other, while we put together this bloody tale of ambition and the twisted fate that awaits those who do not follow the laws of people and of God.


My family has experienced both tragedy and great change over the shut down. Perhaps yours did as well. As we work our way back to the new normal, we can all do with some excitement and some great poetry and some stage fighting, put together with joy by young people who have been careful of one another while they told this story.


Please come back in March for Hairspray. It will be wonderful to finally share that story with you!




A Summary of Macbeth




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