Madagascar Jr. - July 30 - August 01, 2020

Axiom Repertory Theatre


ACT 1  
Scene 1 - The Central Park Zoo in New York City
It's Showtime  
Wild and Free  
Marty & Company
Best Friends  
Marty & Alex
Scene 2 - New York City Street
Grand Central  
Marty, Melman, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Mason
Scene 3 - The Boat to Africa
Penguins' Sea Shanty  
Scene 4 - The Beach of Madagascar
Welcome to Me  
King Julien & Lemurs
I Like to Move it  
King Julien, Maurice & Company
Alex, Chefs & Steaks
Scene 5 - The Boat to Antarctica
Penguins' Sea Shanty Reprise  
Penguins & Mason
Scene 6 - Beautiful Watering Hole
Living in Paradise  
Marty, Alex, Lemurs & Company
Scene 7 - Scary Foosa Territory
Foosa Hungry  
The Foosa
Best Friends Reprise  
King of Madagascar  
Alex & Company
Together Forever  
I Like to Move it (Reprise)  

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