Elpis - July 18

Basileia Christian Dance Company

 Part 2 


What Mercy Did for Me (Tria/Tessera & Crew)

  Artist: People & Songs (feat. Crystal Yates, Micah Tyler,

            & Joshua Sherman)

  Choreography: Donna Grady & Ruth Melgar


God’s Not Done with You (Kaleo)

  Artist: Tauren Wells

  Choreography: Donna Grady & Katie Phelps


The Secret Place (Dyo)

  Artist: Phil Wickham

  Choreography: Katie Phelps


I Run (Ruth Melgar)

  Artist: Jennifer Hudson

  Choreography: Ruth Melgar


Rescue Story (Jolene Spencer & Phoebe Grady)

  Artist: Zach Williams

  Choreography: Katie Phelps


Hollow (Eski)

  Artist: Tori Kelly

  Choreography: Phoebe & Donna Grady


Sweet Victory (Epta)

  Artist: Trip Lee (feat. Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith)

  Choreography: Donna Grady


Love Like This (Pente)

  Artist: Lauren Daigle

  Choreography: Donna & Grace Grady


Song in My Soul (All Cast)

  Artist: Phil Wickham (feat. Hollyn)

  Choreography: Donna Grady & Katie Phelps


Love With Your Life (Curtain Call)

  Artist: Hollyn


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