Chicago - July 11 - July 14, 2018

Bay City Central High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Kyle Brissette


    I’ve had the privilege to work with the arts department here at Western through band. Now I’m expanding my horizons to theater by taking part in tech crew. This is my first time and I’m loving it. I’ve made tons of new friends from Western through this production, like Bri, Dayton, and Kaycie. I’m looking forward to working with Western in the next show.

  • David Cobb


    Hey! This is my 2nd show as part of BCPS tech crew, having been a late addition the first time around. I’m excited to be in for the long haul for this one. My favorite part of the show is getting the opportunity to meet and work with the cast. I’d like to give a huge thanks to the directing team for helping me get a grasp of what I’m doing, and my dad because I can’t drive.

  • Vincent Papajesk


    Published author. I wrote this. Seriously, I've been working on all aspects of tech crew, since my freshman year and I have a lot of fun doing it. I hope you enjoy the show! 

  • Chloe Riordan


    I've been doing theater with BCPS since 2012, and have been in "Beauty and the Beast", "Annie Jr", "Wedding Singer", "Aladdin Jr.", and "In the Heights". I've been a part tech crew for "High School Musical 1 & 2", "My Son Pinocchio", and "Aladdin Jr." I am so beyond glad to be back again with this wonderful family I miss all year long. Chicago will be a wonderful last show to me.

  • Shaelyn Wisniewski


    I have been in 7 shows. This is my first time on tech crew and I'm so excited to get to see the other side of musicals! I would like to thank the directors and everyone else that have helped to put on such an amazing show, especially the incredibly talented cast. I hope you enjoy the BCPS production of Chicago.

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