Short Play Festival - Boo 2022 - October 06 - October 23, 2022

Be Bold! Productions

 Who's Who 

  • Jennifer Kim head shot

    Jennifer Kim

    as Inheriting October - Playwright/The Child

    is a New York-based actress. Most recently, she played Lady Torminster in The Open Door and Elizabeth in The History of Why the Chicken Crossed the Road. Other recent roles include Neil in Valley Forge, Juliet in How to Survive a Shakespeare Play, and Faerie in Midsummer Night’s Dream. When not acting, her hobbies include dancing, singing, painting, and photography.

  • Saima Huq head shot

    Saima Huq

    as Inheriting October - Director

    Saima HuQ, MPH is the founder and producer of Always Love Lucy Theatre and King Lahiri Productions. Her film King Lahiri won Best Adaptation (Shakespeare’s King Lear) at the 10th Chain Film Festival (NYC).

  • Paul K. Smith head shot

    Paul K. Smith

    as The Break-Up - Playwright/Director

    Paul K. Smith (Playwright & Director): THANK YOU, NEW YORK: for “A Twilight of Joy” (Secret-Theatre), “Badass Women,” “Sarah’s Rapture” (Hudson Guild), “Rebooting Life” (Tank), “Love Restor’d,” “Pablo’s Kisses” (TADA!), “‘You’ve Got to Put them Out of their Misery’” (Players-Theatre), “A Woman with a Rose” (Secret), “Ravenwood” (Manhattan-Rep), “City Suite” (Manhattan), “Women of Paris” (TADA!), “Ritual Cleansing” (Players), “A Day of Promise (Players), “First Time I Saw Sara” (Theatre-Studio)

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