Short Play Festival NYC 2023 - June 25 -

Be Bold! Productions

 Who's Who 

  • Julianne Mason head shot

    Julianne Mason

    as Playwright/Director - Low Bar

    is a writer, singer, and sound artist based in Manhattan. She recently finished her MA in Narrative Sound Studies at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, for which she created, wrote, and produced a narrative sound art installation as her thesis. She works as a multidisciplinary theatre and film professional. She received dual BAs in Theatre Arts and Music from Boston College. She is very excited to make her NYC playwriting debut in the SPF NYC 2023! She would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support.

  • Caitlin Ouano head shot

    Caitlin Ouano

    as Producer - Low Bar

    is so excited to be producing Low Bar by Julianne Mason! She thinks this cast is very special, and has enjoyed bringing this unique little slice of life to...well, life! To Julianne, for your professionalism and artistry, thank you. To the audience, enjoy the ride, and keep hope alive.

  • Jordanna Hernandez head shot

    Jordanna Hernandez

    as Jane - Low Bar

    (she/they) is a newly NYC-based queer, Chican(e) actor, writer, and educator. She's a company member of 4615 Theatre Company. Recent credits include Rorschach's, "Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea", Spooky Action's "Syrena", and Imagination Stage's "Óyeme the Beautiful". TV/Film credits include “City on Fire” (Apple TV+), "Dog Person", and "Dear Life, You Suck". She tells stories of Chicane culture, of daughters and their mothers, of first-generation Americans, of mental health, queerness, self-love and healing. She seeks to find light within darkness, and transform it into art. Cuz life is HARD. She loves taking jokes too far, tennis, weightlifting, spicy food, and flossing. @holycrapimclever

  • Yuri Buives head shot

    Yuri Buives

    as Date 1- Low Bar

     is an actor finishing up his studies at the Atlantic Acting School, he previously worked on the shorts “LoveSnaps” and “PICA”. He also worked for several productions as part of the art direction and costume department. Low Bar is his New York stage debut.

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