Treason - June 09 - June 29, 2019

Bear Elegance Productions

  Director's Note  

I awoke the morning of November 9, 2016 in a dark hotel room in Reno, full of dread, anxiety, and outright fear. I was scared of the con man our country elected, but there was something deeper, even more troubling-- we, as Americans, chose Trump. We spent the Obama administration pretending we’d closed old wounds, that we were on the right path at last, while hate and ignorance festered in the heart of America.


Maybe this is the death rattle of a fading generation, a reactionary response to our social progress that will be only a blip, but we do not have the luxury to wait and see. The entitled, willfully ignorant hostility found throughout American politics must end, or our democracy will. On a personal level, the psychic toll of this toxic back-and-forth has created a nation-wide depression, leaving everyone to wallow or revel in the madness, or try to shut it out completely. We must be better, do better, and elect better leaders.



-Eric DePriester






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