Brothers' Grimm Spectaculathon - January 27 - February 05, 2023

Bishop Union High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Diana Lanane


    Diana is our director and theatre club advisor. She has directed BUHS choirs since 2001, and worked with Playhouse on various productions since its restart in 2006. She has also assisted with vocal coaching on a few productions at Mammoth Lakes Edison Theater. She is currently working on this production and on the upcoming production of Little Shop of Horrors, by Playhouse 395. Diana has worked off and on as an accompaniest for church worship since she was in her teens, she has also taught private piano and vocal lessons since the 1990s. Additionally, she loves performing as a soloist and with her husband who is choir director at the Methodist Church.

  • Anwyn Benson Hernandez

    Theatre Club President

  • Georgia Gastelum

    Theatre Club Vice President

  • Karen Rivas-Leon


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