Mamma Mia - September 16 - September 26, 2021

Booker T Washington Spva Magnet

  Who's Who  

  • Addison Wood head shot

    Addison Wood

    Stage Manager

    This is Addison Wood’s first main stage production as a stage manager. She would like to thank her amazing cast and crew, without whom she would have lost her sanity and her ASMs for their hard work in making this production one of the best she’s done. Thanks also to Ms.Ty, who taught her the importance of a strong stage manager. Enjoy the show!

  • Sofie Guzman head shot

    Sofie Guzman

    Assistant Stage Managers

    Sofie Guzman is a junior in the Theatre Conservatory, a stage manager-in-training, and a devoted barista. She is grateful to be a part of the management team and is amazed by how much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. She would like to give a special thanks to Redbull, the UberEats drivers who'd bring her Chipotle, and her fellow cast and crew members.

  • Patiance Wiley head shot

    Patiance Wiley

    Patiance Wiley, a junior in the theater conservatory, was extremely ecstatic to be a major part of this production. Patiance is an aspiring actress, writer, and SM and will cherish the knowledge and memories given to her by the show. She gives special thanks to the AMAZING cast and crew, 7/11, Jiminy, and Morgan's jacket. Seriously someone fix the AC system it's so cold.


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