The Wizard of Oz (Young Performers' Edition) - June 07 - June 09, 2019

Bourne Middle School


A special thank you to...


- Mary Murphy for her support, assistance and coordination throughout the production


- The adminstration of Bourne Public Schools for their unwavering support of our growing program!


- The custodial and maintenance staff at BMS and BHS for all of their heavy lifting


- Our volunteer fly crew for their countless hours helping our program "soar"


- Karen Russo - for her assistance in recording all of our "Oz" memories


- Mike Russo - for helping us "follow the yellow brick road"


- Luanne and Bill Laprade for their costume expertise and assistance!


- Rob Palumbo - for the best Kansas house ever!


- Michele and Joseph Gary for their incredible set pieces


- The Bohacs' for their amazing prop design


- The Bourne Patrolman's Association for their generous donation


- Jillian Donovan for letting us takeover the art room and her amazing set work!


- Silver Lake Middle School for sharing some of their props and costumes


- Principals Christine Borning and Liz Carpenito and Dr. Rhoda Bernard from the Berklee       Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs for their guidane and support for our first ever Sensory-Friendly performance 


- Blair Amara for our poster design


- Maureen Kearney for lending us all her set building talent



And finally to all the parents for supporting your child's participation in theatre and the performing arts!






Enjoy the show!


Rebecca Salgado and Liz Laprade

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