Freaky Friday - June 27

Bradford High School (Kenosha, WI)

 End Notes 

Director’s Note


When Disney Theatrical offered us the pilot of Freaky Friday, I thought it would be a good contrast to the last season of shows that we produced at Bradford High School. We look for pieces that challenge our young thespians to work on their acting skills and we had not produced a musical in a broad comedic style for over a year. As we began to work on the show, it became apparent that the message in the madness of the plot had real resonance for us. The idea that we need to meet people where they are in their lives on a daily basis is certainly something that we organically understand, but it is also something that we need to remember when we get wrapped up in our own needs and life rhythms. Really listening and empathizing with each other seems to be in short supply at times in a culture where we are being forced to move more and more quickly by the technology that is supporting us.


I am constantly amazed at the concern and understanding that our students demonstrate for each other. The stress of putting on a large musical can teach many things, but perhaps one of the largest lessons is patience with the process and trust in the artists who you work with, even when it feels like everything is going to fall apart. Freaky Friday is a reminder that in our most difficult moments, if we really take a moment to listen to those who are in the moment with us and support them, the outcome will help all of us to grow and move forward with more grace and dignity.


I would like to thank David Scott and Pearl Hodiwala from Disney Theatrical and John Prignano from Music Theatre International for the opportunity to work on this pilot production of Freaky Friday. It is an amazing experience for our students to understand a small part of the process that a piece of theatre goes through as it makes its way onto the boards.


A very special thank you to Disney Theatrical for their support of our Kimball Main Stage production here at the International Thespian Festival.





 I’ll love you just this way, today and everyday!

(Freaky Friday)


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