Lulu - April 29 - May 05, 2021

Brandeis University

  Who's Who  

  • Felicity Hyams head shot

    Felicity Hyams

    as Lulu

    Felicity Hyams is thrilled to be cast in a production that highlights the complexity and nuance of women in theater. While this is her first performance in a Senior Festival and her debut as an actress at Brandeis, she has previously been involved in high school theater, including plays and musicals such as Antigone, Julius Caesar, and Into the Woods. Felicity has been intensively trained in ballet, as well as other types of dance including tap, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. She is studying both English and Theater Arts. Off stage, Felicity enjoys other artistic pursuits, some of which being drawing, creative writing, and playing the cello.


  • Lindsay Dawes head shot

    Lindsay Dawes

    as Erdgeist

    “Welcome to Eden, folks, I’ll be your snake” — Lindsay Dawes (’21) is thrilled and beyond grateful to be playing Erdgeist as her final role at Brandeis University. Lulu is a project that has spoken to her since the birth of the concept in Lauren’s marvelous brain and to finish her college career with this piece feels correct, in a way. Favorite past credits include Anton Pavlovich’s Garden Club (Charlotta), Of A Mirror and Its Fragments (Grandmother/Narrator), Five Kinds of Silence (Female), Lucid (Dawn), Into the Woods (The Baker’s Wife), and The Sparrow (Phoebe). She wants to thank her dear friends — the incredible women who made this project happen — and her family for the love and support that got her to where she is today. P.S. The quote is from "Welcome to Eden" by Samia, give it a listen.

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