Of Mice and Men - September 19 - September 23, 2019

Branson Regional Arts Council


Cast Members  
George Milton  
Austin Delp  
Lennie Small  
Jesse Brown  
Andy Brown  
The Boss  
Mark Peper  
Caleb Schantz  
Curley's Wife  
Jessica Brown  
Connor Sullivan  
Conor Finnerty-Esmonde  
Nick Haney  
Traven Harrington  
Production / Creative  
Kyle Blanchard  
Tina Cool-Anderson  


Producer’s Note


We at Forte are so thrilled to once again partner with the Branson Regional Arts Council in bringing Of Mice and Men to life.


John Steinbeck is an American treasure and he has so beautifully captured the plight of the migrant worker during the Great Depression.   It is amazing how his work is still relevant in today’s world. Bigotry, discrimination, and classism are still very real issues today and Steinbeck does a wonderful job illuminating these issues in a timeless matter. The characters of Lennie and George have influenced pop culture from Looney Tunes to Stephen King to Katy Perry. This iconic tale is timeless and heartbreakingly beautiful.


Special thanks to our director, Kyle Blanchard. Your passion and vision is something special and it has been an honor working with you. Thanks to our creative staff and our stunning professional actors. Your dedication and sacrifice for this piece is much appreciated.


But most of all, thank YOU for attending this performance! Your support will allow us to continue to grow local theatre in our community.


Enjoy the performance.


Tina Cool-Anderson

Producer-Founder of Forte Theatre Productions LLC

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