The Addams Family - June 09 - June 18, 2023

Break A Leg Legally Productions

 End Notes 

From the Director(Jacqueline Foss): When I look back to the beginning of the process to put up The Addams Family, I remember saying to myself "What was I thinking, casting 30+ actors in a small space?" I can honestly say that while it was not always easy, it was a fun, joyful experience! The cast and crew took the family theme to heart and have created a close, supportive bond. The themes of family loyalties, squabbles, and rivalries are reminders of the human conditions, predicaments, and eccentricities that afflict all of us, as well as acceptance and forgiveness. The most important is the reminder to pursue our individual dreams and goals persistently and to never lose sight of them. This production of The Addams Family is the result of a lot of talent, dedication, sweat, and sacrifice from so many people! From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank each and every cast, crew, and band member for helping to create this amazing show! Thank you to everyone who stepped up and performed extra tasks with publicity, costumes, set construction, makeup, this playbill, photography, and so much more. We are so grateful! Lastly, thank you to all of you, our wonderful audiences, for coming out to support Break A Leg Legally and live theatre! Enjoy the show!


From the Music Director(Sean Gaff):Immediately after auditions… and callbacks, the cast list for “Addams Family – The Musical” was posted containing 34 names. There were a handful of people returning from the prior year’s Musical, “Godspell”, but most of this cast was new, fresh faces, showing much talent and promise.  A group this large tends to be daunting in the beginning, but as expected, sounded beautiful at the first music rehearsal.  I often found the cast learned quickly, taking much pride in what they were doing.  They were hard workers, in an old fashioned sense.  Looking to rise to and conquer each challenge, for the sake of putting on a great show!  I feel very privileged to have served as Musical Director for this production and witness the growth that took place during rehearsals.  We also have a great crew, a band of remarkable musicians I’m delighted to play with and a devoted audience whom it is a pleasure to entertain.  I sincerely hope that the cast and crew can feel proud of themselves for a top notch job and a quality show.  I also hope that our audience enjoys the show and feels a part of the spirit of family that this show is about.  Love conquers all!



From the Producer(Gerard Foss):When we started  Break A Leg Legally, over 6 years ago, one of our goals was to perform a Broadway Musical in a community theatre setting. Now with all of your help we are presenting our second musical in "The Addams Family"! All of you have worked hard and have come together as a strong theatre family. From helping to sell ads and raffle tickets, to helping each other with dance routines, learning lines and overall being very supportive of one another.  I could not be more proud of everyone in the Cast and Crew of this production and I am very excited of what the future might bring! Break A Leg (Legally) each and every one of you!

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