Hello, Dolly! - April 04 - April 06, 2024

Brooklyn Technical High School


Dear Brooklyn Tech Community, 


This year's production of Hello Dolly! would not have been possible without such a strong support system. Preparation for this production began in the Fall with many stakeholders playing a role in its success. Special thanks go out to:


Principal David Newman: For your unwavering support of the arts here at Brooklyn Tech. You continue to recognize the importance of the arts alongside a premier STEM education. 


Assistant Principal Jennifer Sullivan: For your continued support of the arts and making sure our rehearsal and performance spaces are updated and kept in great condition. 


The Brooklyn Technical High School Alumni Foundation and Parent Association: For your generous financial contributions and continued support of the arts here at Brooklyn Tech. Everything from lighting equipment to speakers and microphones are kept up to date because of your generosity. Our props and costumes are also high quality because of you. 


Mr. V: For your expertise and dedication to Tech's Performing Arts Department. Our students are very lucky to have such an amazing teacher and director! 


Ms. Revi, Mr. Tasopoulos, and Mr. Withers: For being the most dedicated, collaborative, and passionate music teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Your ability to work as a team has taken our department to the next level. 


Mr. Sid Izakson: For giving so much of your time to teaching and working with our student crew after school and on the weekends. Your contributions to our auditorium cannot be overstated. Thank you!


Mr. Roseman, Ms. McDonald, and Mr. Ortiz: For your support with purchasing and ensuring we received everything we needed on time. 1N1's reliabilty has been so important!


Mr. Mike Fisher: For designing and building our sets with skill, creativity, and precision.  


Ms. Jenna MacVicar: For ensuring our choreography is at a professional level and helping our students become more well-rounded performers. We are lucky to have you! 


Mr. Adam Reich: For continuing to be part of the Brooklyn Tech community alongside your professional commitments and career. The sound quality of the Leonard Riggio Auditorium at our concerts and performances has never been better. We are lucky to have you!


Ms. Albona Bogdanovic-Vargas: For joining our community this year and sharing your lighting and technical theater expertise with our staff and students. Thank you! 


Stageworks Crew: There would simply be no musical without your efforts. Thank you!


School Safety: For keeping the building secure at all times so we can rehearse and perform. 


Custodial Team: For keeping our rehearsal spaces clean and in good repair. Our Auditorium has never looked better! 


Guests: For supporting Hello Dolly! and the Performing Arts Department!




Mr. Gus Trombetta

Assistant Principal 

Visual & Performing Arts 

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