The Gong Show - February 25 - February 27, 2021

Burley High School Bel Cantos

 End Notes 

WOW what a year...


I haven't directed a talent show here at BHS yet, so I figured "why not".  With the ever changing landscape of COVID-19 I needed a "safe" show that we could easily put online.  THEN WE WERE ALLOWED TO HAVE AUDIENCES!  YAY!!!!


Please enjoy "The Gong Show".  Unlike the concert ettiquette that is usually expected from our concerts, I want you to feel comfortable having fun.  Sing with the combo if we do a chart you know, clap or holler for the kids.  This is a GAME SHOW rules really aren't a thing, other then general common sense.


The kids and I have worked hard to bring you this night.  But please do not feel the burden of the gong...we fully expect some of the acts to get gonged.  It is just part of the fun.  So if your kid gets gonged, cough...get over it.  Laugh with them as we just try to bring a night of fun and frivolity.


Unlike my shows of the past, nobody is going to die in a tomb, and there are no ships sinking into the river, and Scrooge has been sequestered for the time being.  Hopefully as our new normalcy shows up we can get back to performing and entertaining.


Tonight is gonna be relax, don't put your feet on the furniture, and feel free to laugh and clap, maybe even shed a tear as our seniors get their last big opportunity on the KFAC Concert Hall Stage.  I know that I will be wiping a tear or two.



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