Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story - November 19 - November 27, 2021

Burlington County Footlighters




Burlington County Footlighters thanks you, the audience, for 

your investment in this year's season.






Burlington County Footlighters seeks to encourage the appreciation of theatre and other cultural programming through public presentations of these artistic endeavors; to allow non-professionals a place to explore their creativity; to provide education in the arts for young people in the region; and to engage with our community through outreach and activities designed to further these goals.




Finally, a special thanks to our



President -- Kevin Esmond

Vice President -- Jillian Starr-Renbjor

Secretary --MacKenzie Smith

Treasurer -- Andrew Flothmeier

Artistic Director -- Alan Krier

Development Director -- Darryl S Thompson, Jr

Education Director -- Alexandria Davis

Facilities Director -- Jim Frazer

Marketing Director -- Patrice Frazer

Membership Director -- Nina Catrambone







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