Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka - July 13 - July 22, 2018



Congratulations to the cast of Willy Wonka!


CST Board Members:

President: Chandra Katrinic

Vice President: Deb Taylor

Secretary: Carie Gross

Treasurer: Gene Pettit

Producer: Amber Bartholomew

Marketing Director: Brittany Hetrick


CST Board Members:

Ashleigh Lipes, Dan Miller, Sheri Meadows, Phyllis Page, Krista Pettit, Shelly Macdonald


CST Spotlighters:

Jettie Noyes, Karla Pettit, JJ Hoss, Duwain Hunt, Kelly Short, Jody Siefker, Jodi Trimble, Michael Page, Jessi Gates, Keysha Gardner, Douglas Gaertner, Steve Brubaker, Mary Beckley-Clark, Abbie Walker, Nick Bosk


CST Youth Board Members:

Sierra Hoss, Charlie Gross, Chloe Page, Delaney Becker, Joe Clark, Courtney Gardner, Hannah Daughtry


We are always looking for individuals and families with a passion for theatre to join this amazing CST Family.


For more information about CST and our future productions, please visit us at or follow us on Facebook!



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