Disney's Aladdin JR. - August 10

Camp St. John's


We'd like to thank God for the gifts and talents He has so richly blessed us with to be able to do this production. Certainly without God, we are nothing and can do nothing!


Thank you to our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Calvin J. McFadden, Sr., for trusting us to have Camp St. John's as a program of St. John's Congregational Church and for his continued support!


Thank you to all of our campers of Camp St. John's for your work and commitment to get this production done. Kuddos to you for working even on the hard days of preparing for this production! Hopefully you have realized, hard work pays off!  


We'd like to thank all of the parents for entrusting your children to us this summer. Without the children, we'd have no program and thus no production, so thank you! A very special thank you to all of those parents who took time to work with their children on their songs and lines at home. 


Thank you to all of the Camp St. John's staff for your hard work and contributions to make every day of camp and this production successful! 


Thank you to Deacon Carolyn Ware, Bro. Dakota Smith, Deacon George Lovejoy, Sis. Michele Alston, Sis. Kelly Watkins and Sis. Cheryl Ray-Bass for your support and all that you do to make Camp St. John's a success. We could not do this without you! 


Thank you to Sis. Rhonda Jones, Sis. Rebecca Willoughby, Elder L. Maxine Hall and Sis. Annicia Banks for assisting us with cooking activities and lunch every day. You all are an integral piece to our day-to-day operations and we appreciate all that you do! 


Thank you to Mr. Bruce Torrey for your service in helping us to build these amazing set pieces, you are AWESOME! 


Thank you to Mrs. Stephanie Robinson and Mr. Robinson for your amazing work with our campers in painting and creating the backdrops and props for our set. We truly wouldn't have been able to do this without your leadership with the children and indubitable creative abilities. 


Thank you to Springfield Public Schools for allowing us to use Central High School for our production. 








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